KAI’s Medical Business

Strengths and characteristics of KAI’s medical business in the contribution to the safety of
healthcare professionals and to patient quality of life worldwide with high quality.


Over 100 Years of History
and Creditability

Since its inception in 1908, as a manufacturer specializing in a comprehensive range of cutlery products, KAI Group has been creating products tailored to people’s lives, including razors, nail clippers, kitchen knives, and commercial-use blades.
As our medical business, we started manufacturing surgical blades in 1984. We entered the field of Dermatology in 1994 and Ophthalmology in 1995. We now supply KAI medical products to more than 90 countries through distributors and local corporations worldwide.


Pursuit of High Quality and Safety

KAI’s medical products are manufactured at a factory in Seki-shi, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. Ideal sharpness is achieved with our processing technique of the cutting edge, the equipment we developed, and our expert workers, which we built based on our experience producing products such as razors.
We are the first domestic manufacturer that launched safety scalpels with a safety mechanism. Our company also focuses on safety type products that have pursued the safety of healthcare professionals, such as needle stick prevention in medical settings.
KAI is accredited for ISO13485, an international standard for quality management systems of medical devices.


Co-development with Doctors

Once, in Seki-shi, Gifu Prefecture, there were people who were called Nokaji (blacksmiths) that made bespoke blades at their customers’ request. KAI has inherited the blacksmithing spirit and has developed products based on many doctors' requests both in Japan and overseas.
In the field of ophthalmology, Yamaguchi University and KAI have jointly developed Bleb Knife for glaucoma surgery. Subsequently, we have developed numerous products that do not only focus on sharpness but pursue self-sealing of incisions, including KKM Knife, which is suitable for transconjunctival single-plane sclerocorneal incisions, and knives specialized for side port incisions. Products developed at the request of doctors are easy to use, help reduce the burden on patients, and improve quality of life.
We are always aware of our relationship with doctors and distributors so that new ideas can quickly become a reality.


Contribution to Society
and the Next 100 Years

In KAI’s medical business, our social contributions include donating Ophthalmic Knives for foreign volunteer work and donating nail clippers to medical institutions. We are also aware of SDGs and are actively working on electronic and paperless applications.
Because we are in a time of change that we cannot handle only with common sense of the past, we continue challenging ourselves by carefully looking at what is required of medical care and what KAI can do. Through our wide range of past activities, KAI’s medical business has worked with doctors across the world, not just Japan. We will continue to advance healthcare and society through the delivery of products and services that only KAI can provide, based on this important relationship.