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Quality policy

Quality has no borders and product excellence is a language that is universally understood.
KAI Group has established this Quality Policy in order to recognize customer preferences and social expectations and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society in a world that is rapidly changing and where the required products and services are diversifying., Kai Group is committed to providing products and services that are trusted for quality. This Quality Policy will be disseminated to all employees of KAI Group and publicized to all stakeholders including customers.

1. Providing Safety and Security

We will comply with applicable laws and regulations and agreements with customers and seek to provide products and services that are suitable for the intended use, safe, secure, easy to use, and which improve daily life.

2. Establishment of Quality Improvement Process

We will provide products and services of reliable quality by continuously seeking to establish, visualize and improve all processes from planning and development to manufacturing, sales, and after - services.

3. Exploring Technology and Human Resource Development

We will disseminate this Quality Policy to all of KAI Group’s employees so that they can understand such Policy and develop human resources who will continue to take on the challenge of providing better quality products and services through exploring technology and capacity development.

4. Focus on Corporate Activities to Provide High-quality Products and Services

Each of our departments will each year set measurable quality targets and regularly review these targets in order to achieve the goals of this Quality Policy. We will also revise our quality targets as necessary.

April 1, 2022
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ISO Certification


We have a third-party certification of ISO13485, a quality management system standard for medical devices.

ISO13485 第三者承認書

Authorized representative in the European Union

Authorised representative in the European Union

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